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Your business is unique and that’s why you need a small business accountant in Toronto that understands the marketplace and what you need to succeed. No matter the nature of your business, WTC is the small business accountant in Toronto that you need!

How Can We Help You?

As the ideal small business accountants in Toronto, we take the time to understand your business needs and provide customized accounting and bookkeeping services that are appropriate to your circumstances. From payroll support to financial statements, tax preparation and audit support, WTC’s small business accounting services have small business owners covered. Key benefits of hiring a small business accountant in Toronto include:

Customized Services and Advice

If there’s one thing small business owners understand, it’s that one size does not necessarily fit all. And to that end, as your small business accountant in Toronto, we can provide you with customized bookkeeping and accounting service to meet your specific operations. Our services will be tailored to meet your needs and your goals. 

And because we take the time to understand your business, when we provide advice on tax installments for the upcoming year, or offer advice and support for business taxation, you can rest easy knowing that this advice is for YOU.

Clear Financial Statements and Reporting

Every small business needs a clear understanding of its financial health. When hiring WTC as your small business accountants in Toronto, you will get real-time access to financial statements and clear, easy to read, income and expense reporting.

Prepared Tax Returns and CRA Compliance

As your small business accountant, we will perform CRA compliance checks to make sure that everything is above board, helping you to avoid penalties and fees.

And because your focus should be on running your small business, we can handle the preparation and filing of: 

  • T2 corporate income tax returns
  • Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly GST/HST return
  • T5 return and slips to report dividend paid during the year
  • T4 return and slips for businesses with employees

In preparing all this paperwork for you, we will work to maximize your returns, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money. Say goodbye to overpaying!

Payroll Support

If you are a small business with employees and staff, staying on top of payroll can be difficult at best. With WTC as your small business accountants in Toronto, you can trust us for payroll support, ensuring you are CRA compliant and that your employees get paid on time, every time.

Need a Small Business Accountant in Toronto?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of commonly asked questions about our small business accountants in Toronto:

Yes! We will review your company’s financial records to help minimize your taxes. Our Chartered Professional Accountants use the latest in cloud accounting software to balance your books and identify wasted tax spending. We recommend that you get in touch with us to set up a call or Zoom meeting before year-end so we can discuss potential tax-saving strategies.
It is possible to do your own bookkeeping but when you hire us, you get a Toronto accounting firm that understands the city’s marketplace, understands your specific tax situation and obligations, can keep you compliant with the CRA, and maximize your returns. And, with WTC you get full support for CRA audits and appeals.
Yes, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We provide unlimited free support for general inquiries related to the tax services we provide to you.

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