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We are committed to providing you with high-quality bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax services so that you can focus on the important things, like running your business!

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Our services can be customized and tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our professional accountants are up to the task!

Cloud Accounting

Looking for maximum efficiency? Look no further than our leading accounting services supported by cloud technology. Audit-proof your business by taking pictures of receipts and storing them as digital records. Connect your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically download all business transactions directly to your accounting system. As your business grows, cloud accounting technology can integrate with hundreds of third-party apps to make your continued success as simple as possible!

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Don’t let the pressure of running a business prevent you from staying on top of your books. With our bookkeeping services, you can rest easy knowing that our professional bookkeeper is keeping everything in order. Our bookkeeping solution is customized to meet your needs and provides an automatic backup of digital records ensuring you always have full audit protection!

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A staff that gets paid on time, is a staff that stays motivated and loyal. Pay your employees with direct deposit on time, every time. A cloud-based employee portal gives your staff instant access to pay stubs and T4s. CRA compliance, payroll remittances, and T4 return filings are taken care of for you. Integrating payroll into a cloud accounting system can provide you with complete and total peace of mind.

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Tax Services

Our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) will analyze your company’s unique tax situation to maximize your deductions and help you achieve optimal tax results. We will handle the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns (T2) online and our tax compliance health check ensures that you are always compliant with the CRA.

And because sometimes personal taxes can be complicated, our accounting professionals offer support in filing personal tax returns for employees, investors, retirees, and business owners. Whether you are self-employed, earn income through rental properties or foreign investments, have immigrated to Canada or emigrated away, we can support your tax return preparations and filings. Our professional services even extend to overdue tax return preparation, personal tax audit support, and support with CRA appeals.

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Financial Statements

With easy-to-understand financial statements, you can truly understand the financial performance and health of your business. Trust us to provide a Compilation Engagement Report (formerly known as NTR Notice to Reader Financial Statements) that you can use to evaluate your earnings or give to the bank to secure loan approval

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We will help you take care of all business accounting and tax needs using the latest cloud technology allowing you to maximize operational efficiency and meet your goals.