Financial Statements

Our Chartered Professional Accountant can compile financial information for you to provide an easy-to-read and understandable Notice to Reader financial statements (also known as Compilation Engagement Report). With this report, you can get a true sense of your financial performance and drive business decisions.

How Can We Help You?

Financial statements aren’t just for corporate tax return filings! Notice to Reader financial statements can help you truly understand your business. WTC can review all of your accounts and raw financial data to compile an easily readable financial statement.

Key benefits of Notice to Reader financial statements include:

Better Business Decisions

A CPA compiled financial statement can help you move your business forward. WTC can help you understand your true profits and losses, allowing you to better see the big picture and make the right decisions for your business.

Optimized Tax Payments

A Notice to Reader financial statement (also known as Compilation Engagement Report) prepared by WTC can support your corporate tax returns. And because it provides an indication of actual income, it can help you avoid overpaying when your tax bill comes due.

Greater Transparency

When it comes to your business financials, being clear and transparent is extremely important. 


A properly prepared financial statement can provide a clear understanding to investors and shareholders (both current and prospective) and give lenders or creditors the information they need to approve financing for the business. 


What’s more, a Notice to Reader financial statement helps support the due diligence process when attempting to sell your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of commonly asked questions about Notice To Reader Financial Statements:

NTR financial statements report, also known as a Compilation Engagement Report, is a financial statement compiled by a Chartered Professional Accountant. It can be used internally by the owner and management, or it can be used by third parties such as lenders and investors for its intended purpose.

Generally, Notice to Reader Financial Statements are prepared for a specific purpose. They can be used to obtain a bank loan from a financial institution, sell the business, prevent overstatement of income or overpayment of taxes, provide financial information to investors, and offer clear financial reporting to business owners. 

No. A Notice to Reader financial statement report can only be prepared and issued by a licensed Chartered Professional Accountant accountant or CPA. 

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